Providing affordable, reliable phone service since 2017!

We Make Cutting Edge Affordable.

As low as $24.50 per month!

VoIP (voice over IP) phones have been replacing traditional communications since 2004. Let us help you get on board!

More Calls = More Sales

Each VoIP phone can make or receive a call without having to worry if a line is free, and callers will never hear a busy signal. Because you can communicate with your customers more efficiently, this ultimately translates to more sales and higher ROI versus plain old telephone systems.

No More Phone Tag

Because our phone system allows you to receive calls no matter where you are, phone tag is a thing of the past. Talk to your callers on their first attempt, and seal the deal. Customer attentiveness goes up, and so do reputation and sales.

First Time's a Charm

Our auto attendants let callers reach the right department with as little effort as possible. Your customers can press '1' for customer service, or they can simply say 'customer service'. Either way, they end up speaking to the correct department on their first try.

We Support Hundreds of Phone Models

Built for Every Industry. Built for Business.


HIPAA-compliant phone services for healthcare providers of any size.

Auto Repair

Our cordless phone handsets offer enough mobility for your mechanics to roam freely.


Serve more customers by eliminating busy signals. Even take orders at off-site locations!


We have many satisfied insurance clients that can work both in and out of the office.


Our VoIP phone service offerings work great and cost less than traditional phone systems.

Real Estate​

Get calls from leads on their first attempt with forwarding from the office to your cell phone.

Law Offices

Our business phone system offers professional features you’re sure to love.

Let's Do Business!

Our phones are built for business. Time to upgrade? Give us a call at 740.999.VOIP

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What is VoIP?

VoIP (voice over IP) simply means that your phone calls will travel over your Internet connection. Why would you desire this? Here are a few reasons: