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Key Phone System Features

We offer more than 80 robust features. Here’s a few.

Attendant Console

Route calls and check user availability from anywhere.

Auto Attendants

A digital receptionist that never calls off and allows you to route calls automatically.

Call Parking

Place calls on hold and pick them up from any device.

Call Recording

Set call recording by default or on demand.

Call Reporting

Filter by number, direction of call and disposition.

Easy Management

IT Departments love us. Why? Because our powerful management portal lets them get back to handling other tasks.

Hunt Groups

Set calls to ring any number of people, any way you want. Even cell phones.

Music on Hold

Let your customers hear music instead of silence. Upload your advertisement MP3s and more!

Voicemail to Email

Never miss a voicemail while you're away.

Web Portal

Manage users and call routing from anywhere.

The Complete Features List

Never Miss A Call

Manage, Train, and Track Users

Control Who Sees What

Keep in Touch, Any Time or Place

...And More!

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What is VoIP?

VoIP (voice over IP) simply means that your phone calls will travel over your Internet connection. Why would you desire this? Here are a few reasons: